Sworn expert in financial and capital markets

Sworn expert in financial and capital markets

Services / Clients

I offer the following services:

Expertise and Opinions, Analysis and Consulting, Data Acquisition and Data Evaluation, Coaching

My customers are in general:

Capital market law firms, commercial law firms, lawyers specialised in white colour criminal cases, insurance companies (professional indemnity insurance), financial services companies, investor relations departments, courts (civil, criminal and administrative courts) and law enforcement agencies

Priorities / Competences

The main focus of my expert activities relates to:

Valuation of complex issues and capital market products such as derivatives, hedge funds, structured products, swaps, special fund constructions; risk classifications of all common and special capital market products; judgments of individual and collective asset management; valuations of securities trading behavior in markets (stock exchanges); as well as assessments of complex securities settlements

My expertise as an expert is based on:

Profound and comprehensive know-how (financial & capital market & law) as well as extensive professional experience in the financial and capital market industry and long-standing expert practice

Public Approvals

As a publicly sworn and court-certified expert, I am admitted to all state courts in Germany and Austria as well as the International Criminal Court in The Hague / Netherlands (ICC); the approvals in detail:


Expert for investment securities, investments and private financial planning, in particular derivatives. Order in accordance with § 36 of the Industrial Code in conjunction with § 7 of the Law on Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Baden-Württemberg and § 1 of the SV Order of the IHK Rhein-Neckar.


Sworn and court-certified expert for stock exchange and banking (section 87.05), securities advisory and securities settlement transactions (section 87.15), securities and derivative financial products (section 87.35), appointment according to § 5 of the Expert and Interpreting Act ( SDG) by the HG Vienna.

International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague / Netherlands:

Appointment as expert for financial and capital markets by the ICC in The Hague / Netherlands.

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